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Women Entrepreneurs Small Business Boot Camp - Phoenix Arizona


"The Single Most Important Skill to Get and Keep Business "
Silver Rose


Silver Rose
Silver Rose

You do everything right and yet sales still aren’t as high as you know they could be. Why? The truth about the way you promote your product or service could shock you. In this keynote address, Silver Rose will explain what you’re not doing that is holding you back, and how to increase your sales by learning and applying this one critical skill.

You will learn:
1. What you are doing that is preventing you from closing business.
2. What you’re not doing that is holding you back.
3. A simple, easy-to-learn process to get your prospects and customers to reveal what they want from you, and how you can keep them happy.
4. The 2 most important things to know about your prospects.
5. The most powerful skill every business owner must master in order to increase sales and repeat business.

Silver Rose was born and grew up in Boston. She went to San Diego City College, majoring in Journalism. When her family moved to Nevada she joined them and began her meteoric career. She was Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Nevada at 23. At age 25, she owned an insurance agency. Silver was selected as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America. She was recruited by a British Media Tycoon to be his second in command including serving as Creative Director and Head of Sales. For the next 20 years she was in the Computer industry where her three specialties were Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. Three of her management positions included Manager of Sales Database, Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Vice President of Sales & Marketing where she grew sales by 250%. For the last decade, Silver has been a Professional Speaker, heading her own Management Consulting and Executive Coaching Practice. Her late husband advised on and managed investments for pension funds. Silver says he was her greatest teacher.


"Think Like a CEO: How to Overcome the 5 Dysfunctions That are Capping Your Income at 150K or Less"
Vanessa Shaw

Vanessa Shaw
Vanessa Shaw

It's time to get real. You started your business to live with more income, freedom, and clients. But now, that dream of entrepreneurial success has started to fade. You wake up and realize that instead of running a business as CEO, you’ve become your own poorly paid employee, working longer hours with unpaid vacations.

That entrepreneurial dream doesn’t have to fade, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, wearing too many hats, and hitting a financial glass ceiling in your business—you’ll never reach the next level of success and leadership you crave.

If you’re feeling trapped in your own business without the clients, income, and freedom you desire, then it’s time to fully and confidently step into your role as CEO.

And once you start thinking and acting like a CEO, you’ll start to see the real, measurable results you truly want in your business and your life.

In this dynamic and authentic break out session Vanessa Shaw brings her international expertise of working with top corporate executives to guide you to step up powerfully as the CEO in your own business so that you can make a much bigger impact and add real results, cash, and clients to your bottom line.

In Vanessa’s powerful session, you’ll walk away knowing…

1. The top 5 dysfunctions that are keeping you from the income, success, and clients you want—and the best way to create immediate results and momentum in your business right now

2. The mindset you must embrace in order to step confidently into your role as CEO of your business

3. How to step out of overwhelm, stop working in your business, and turn your “busy” workdays into successful multi-figure payouts

4. How to leverage your brilliance and work from your vision to create a powerful business you love

5. The exact winning strategy that’s a real game changer in your business—and one that business schools won’t even teach

Vanessa Shaw is a business growth and success mentor for passionate entrepreneurs and empowered leaders who have the drive and vision to make a difference in the world.

Using her proven business development strategies and fundamentals—refined through working with hundreds of diverse international clients—she helps you play a bigger game in life by running a lucrative, powerful business and enjoying the lifestyle of freedom you want.

After a career in the UN in Switzerland and a stint as Chief Domestic Officer (a.k.a. Stay-at-Home Mom), Vanessa started her pan-European boutique executive coaching business in 2005. After almost 10 years of practice and growth, she and her team worked with some of the world’s top law firms, banks, and international corporations across Europe, such as KPMG, the World Economic Forum, Oracle, and CM Cameron McKenna.

After her achievements in Europe, she made her “big bold move” to the United States (making one of her own personal dreams come to life) and rapidly established a successful US-based business from the first steps of a concept to unmatched levels of success in just over a year.

Vanessa is the business mentor to turn to because she “walks her talk.” She applies her tried and tested business success principles when mentoring her clients. Vanessa has a savvy gift of pinpointing exactly where entrepreneurs can immediately make quantum leaps to step into their role as CEO of their business and start seeing more income, more clients, and more success.

Vanessa’s unique “partnership” approach to working with clients is what delivers such incredible transformations to business owners and leaders all over the world. Vanessa helps high-powered entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders break through the 6- and 7-figure income barriers, confidently step into their leadership roles, and helps them be bold and play bigger.

To learn more about Vanessa, head to http://www.vanessashaw.com.




"How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance"
Connie Kadansky


Connie Kadansky
Connie Kandansky

 Prospecting is the first step to closing a sale. Highly targeted prospecting works and with all the tools available, it is possible to achieve your new business development goals consistently and comfortably. Sales Call Reluctance is the emotional hesitation to prospect and self-promote. It affects your follow through, asking for referrals, seminar presentations, asking for the business, recommending a higher priced option, prospecting an upscale center of influence and creating relationships with strategic alliance partners.

Five lessons you will take away from this program:

1. How you personally respond to Opportunity
2. Three of the most expensive types of Sales Call Reluctance
3. Four steps to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance
4. Four blocks that put the brakes of prospecting activity
5. Proven techniques to overcome the fear of prospecting and self-promoting

Connie Kadansky is the President of Exceptional Sales Performance, an international sales training and coaching practice. She is a recognized expert in identifying and eliminating Sales Call Reluctance. Connie has a proven track record in diverse industries. Sales Call Reluctance can neutralize any career.

Connie has coached 1800+ private clients and over 5000 clients in groups. Because of her expertise, Connie earned a solo article in the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to a cold call she was paid to do a radio commercial for American Express. She was recently interviewed by Inc. Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and Bloomberg Business.

"Create Your High-Performing Team!"
Laurie D. Battaglia, MS-OD, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP

Laurie Battaglia
Laurie Battaglia

 As your business grows, it’s time to form your team. You choose the best people, expanding your support system with high hopes. Sometimes teams come together with little effort and sometimes they don’t.

There are ways to accelerate your team to high performance, fast! This workshop focuses on ways to understand the phases that people go through when they join a team, and how to build a strong team that works together synergistically. How can you get your team to WOW performance?

Come and hear Laurie speak about steps you can take to build your team. Practice a few of them right in the workshop.

Five lessons you will take away from this program:

1. See the Drexler Sibbet Team Performance Model used as a guideline for the steps they can take to build their team quickly.
2. Understand what can happen if a step is not done well or not done at all.
3. Learn some simple steps to take to bring a new person onto the team and build trust.
4. Understand how to engage people in the team’s mission and vision.
5. Learn about the positive impact that WOW teams have!

NOTE: This is an interactive workshop. After seeing what the model is, and hearing an explanation of the seven steps in the model, attendees will participate in some of the get-to-know-you and trust-building exercises that are the first steps of the model.

A born connector, people magnet, gifted presenter, and calm, methodical coach, Laurie loves showing people the way to live their dreams. Having spent 30+ years developing people in corporate environments, Laurie discovered her own path to living the dream. As Co-Owner and Co-Creator of Living the Dream Coaches, LLC in Scottsdale, AZ, she works in tandem with her husband Joseph to coach high achieving women and men who want more out of life, work, and relationships.
Laurie has an MS in Organizational Development and Leadership from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a BS in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University in PA. Her specialty is coaching mid to senior level leaders in corporate environments, and she enjoys working with and mentoring emerging leaders. Her work with leadership teams helps to build engagement into workplace cultures and practices, allowing high performing teams to grow and flourish. She is a Certified Professional Coach following her training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Laurie is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation – Phoenix Chapter, NAWBO-PHX, ATD, The Conscious Community, and the Arizona Organizational Development Network.


"Discover the Power of Your Personal Story"
Andrea Beaulieu

Andrea Beaulieu
Andrea Beaulieu

You have a unique message -- a brand story that will prompt your prospects to align with your product or service and take action. In this interactive session, Andrea Beaulieu will walk you through the process of identifying your key brand descriptors and the story that backs those up so you can clearly communicate who you are, what you do and why it matters to your potential client and win that business!

Attendees will experience the value of digging deeply into their brand to create a powerful brand story to differentiate their company and services from their competition.

•  Participants learn it’s not enough to tell a potential client what you do. You need to communicate the “why” to differentiate yourself from the competition, and incorporate this into your speeches, your sales/marketing vehicles and social media.

•  Participants learn their brand story will be memorable when they incorporate emotional experiences, because emotion is what secures information into our brains and inspires us to act. So, your brand story, developed purposefully, makes you memorable!

•  Participants will develop that story by going through these processes:
* Identify a “beyond cliché brand descriptor” and redraft it using language that is compelling and describes the value they bring to their clients. The aim is to identify their highest perceived value.
* Create an enhanced introductory pitch that goes beneath the standard elevator pitch to the “why” of what they do so they can create a real relationship with their prospects.
* Initiate their brand story by exploring their creation, personal and success stories and pulling them together with their brand descriptor and introductory pitch.

• And finally, participants will learn that being in business can be one of the toughest schools on the planet. It requires us to continue to delve deeper and deeper into our professional and personal resources, and to get really honest about who we are and what we deliver so we can bring the best of ourselves to our clients and our world.

Andrea is an expert in speaking, story performance, presentation skills and strategic brand messaging. As a coach, consultant and speaker, she’s worked with hundreds of professionals to create compelling marketing and leadership messaging. She’s served as the contracted marketing director for a national gift show and a national technology consulting company, and as contracted executive director for several nonprofits. Prior to starting her business in 1987, she worked as public relations director for Ramada Inc. She’s the author of two books on finding and following your authentic voice, and has been a performing artist on the local, national and international stage, performing for the Super Bowl halftime show and the Indianapolis 500.


"Work “HEARTer,” Not Harder"
Kathy Heasley


Kathy Heasley
Kathy Heasley

 In the old days of brand building, all we had to do was deliver a sales pitch, repeat it so buyers would start singing the accompanying jingle and poof! They’d give your product or service a try. Then it was up to you to deliver “business as expected.”

Today, it’s not so easy. Repetition is still important, but few of us customers believe business rhetoric any more. In our modern world, we want to hear words of recommendation from our friends. And that puts the customer experience at the heart of brand building. In this interactive session, you’ll discover a powerful brand-building force called The Heart Effect™ and you’ll learn how to capture and develop it within your organization through the method known as HEART&MIND® Branding. It’s the secret to creating the kind of customer experiences that get people doing the talking for you. Consider this your chance to build your brand and your business by working “HEARTer,” not harder.

Five lessons you will take away from this program:

1. What a brand is.
2. Why it is valuable.
3. How to discover your own brand.
4. How to bring it to life inside and outside your company.
5. The method that drives exponential business growth.

Kathy Heasley is the founder and president of HEASLEY&PARTNERS, Inc., a branding company that helps people and organizations grow and prosper. She is the creator of HEART&MIND® Branding, a proprietary method that connects companies and people with their audiences to win hearts and minds—in that order. Heasley, who is an advisory board member at Grand Canyon University's Ken Blanchard Executive MBA Program was honored in 2012 as one of the Top 25 Women in Business by the Phoenix Business Journal. She has dedicated her professional life to developing businesses that connect with the heart and open the mind. In the process, lives are transformed and companies become breakthrough brands. Heasley is the author of the audio program, "Building Your Business Into a Brand: The Five Stages of Heart & Mind Branding," co-author of Seize the American Dream: Ten Entrepreneurial Success Strategies and a contributor to the book Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul. She speaks to entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world about the most powerful force in business which she calls The Heart Effect™ and is a true communications veteran, Heasley has worked with literally hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and companies helping them develop and grow their businesses through brand creation and brand execution.

Before founding HEASLEY&PARTNERS in 1994, Heasley spent ten years doing the work of brand building for big companies like Coca-Cola, Ryland Homes, Dr Pepper, and small-to-midsize entrepreneurial companies in the areas of finance, insurance, hospitality and technology. It was while working for a high-tech firm in the early 90's that she experienced the power and the potential of heart-driven companies. Ever since she has been helping clients find that power in their own companies. Heasley is a graduate of Penn State University with a BA in Advertising and has made her mark nurturing businesses and business leaders around the world giving them the "permission" and the process to bring their heart to life in all they do.


"Your Website is a BeeHive  Make It an Effective Sales Conversion Tool."
Dorothy Wolden

Dorothy Wolden
 Dorothy Wolden

Learn why your website should be the center of your marketing efforts and learn a few strategies to make it more effective sales conversion tool.

Attendees will take away:

1. Why your website should be a bee hive (center of your marketing efforts).
2. How to get your worker bees (social media) to do all the work.
3. Tips to make your website a pot of golden honey (we mean money!).
4. How to track results and measure success.


"Prime Yourself for Success: Learn How to Consciously Create Your Business"
Kristi Hall


Kristi Hall
Kristi Hall

You’re a smart cookie. You are dedicated and take action. You’re likely doing all you can to generate positive outcomes.

But do you prime yourself for success? Are you clear on your intention? Do you actually FEEL your vision?

Building a conscious business starts with your state of being. It’s the key to your success, literally translating into your results.

In this experiential session, we’ll delve into the deeper meaning of your business and why you choose to invest yourself in offering the products and/or services you do. We’ll engage in a soul-priming exercise that will put you in touch with your deepest desires, help you clarify your vision, feel your passion and authentically connect with yourself in order to powerfully connect with your audience. In a guided meditation, we’ll get out of our heads and into our hearts to build an energetic foundation for your company.

This workshop serves as a pre-cursor to strategy and tactics. You will walk away with new insight and know what direction and action to take based on your newfound inner wisdom.

Kristi Hall has been serving the Arizona business and non-profit community for 20 years. She is the Founder of Conscious Connections, a leadership community that helps professional women live and work at their highest potential.

Kristi is a community builder who knows how to galvanize people around worthy issues, causes and initiatives. Her greatest strength is her ability to bring vision to life. She has served as a leader in marketing and product/service development management for both large and small organizations, including State of Texas Governor's Office, The Arizona Republic, AASK, Gannett Custom Publishing, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and Human Dynamics.

Kristi’s greatest passion is human development. Her vision is a world where business works for everyone. Conscious Connections is a long held dream to build a more conscious business community.



"K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Silly"
Angela Sticca Snyder


Angela Sticca SnyderAngela Sticca Snyder

Overwhelmed with what you should be doing with your expenses & receipts? Best Practices for how to organize and save, in order to be audit ready. Learn how systems & procedures streamline & propel your business with the ability to handle twice the volume. Position yourself for the next level of growth with the infrastructure to support you.

Five lessons you will take away from this program:

1. Increase the efficiency of their bookkeeping.
2. How to maximize all tax deductions.
3. Ensure they are audit ready.
4. Developing the right systems & procedures to increase efficiency and revenue.
5. Elevating their mindset on building and growing their revenue potential. 

Angela Sticca Snyder is the consummate strategist. She loves listening, analyzing and developing strategic ideas and plans that bring excitement and comfort to those she mentors.

Angela knew at a very young age that she enjoyed problem solving and developing plans for the “next step”. Her drive, determination and strategic ability was evident early on in her life. She strategically planned out her educational path in order to streamline her road to success. She excelled her schooling by graduating from high school at 16 years of age, earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting at 19 years old, and then rounded out her formal education with her Master’s Degree in Taxation at 21 years, only after taking a year off to go to Culinary School. Angela is also fully licensed with the IRS as an Enrolled Agent and maintains a former Top Secret Security clearance with SSBI.

During her career, Angela has gathered over 23 years of hands-on experience in working with thousands of businesses, including, not only solo-preneurs, but also established businesses, and everything in between. Her clients include CEOs in diverse industries. One of her early on ventures was building a highly lucrative international manufacturing and import sweater business, that she grew from inception, to growth, landing her line in Nordstrom's, then she strategically planned and executed the profitable sale of the business.

As a successful leader, coupled with Angela’s experience in working with thousands of businesses over the years, understanding their structure, procedures and accounting, has given her the leverage and knowledge to assist her clients with inside experience of what has and hasn’t worked for their peers.


"How To Speak so People Will Buy"
Emily Schwartz, Ph.D. Education

Emily Schwartz
 Emily Schwartz

Don’t think you’re in the speaking profession? Think again. Your ability to speak well in public can make or break your business. Whether it’s a networking presentation, sales pitch, or even a conversation, the words you say and how you say them drastically affect customers’ perception of you and your product. A poorly placed story, sloppy introduction, or ineffective gesture can mean the difference booking new business…and going home empty handed. You’re already an expert at your craft, but with these 5 simple strategies, you can sound like one too.

Five lessons you will take away from this program:

1. How to brag without bragging
2. How to maximize pre and post presentation time
3. How to tell memorable stories
4. How to avoid using wishy-washy language
5. How to be quotable

Dr. Emily Schwartz is a national speaker as well as a sought-after public speaking coach. With a Ph.D in education, Emily has made a career out of being able to state complex, boring things in a simple, and interesting way. She is the author of How To Speak so People Will Buy and has been featured on NBC, ABC, and 3TV. An avid member of Toastmasters, she also won the state-wide speech evaluation contest which means that she not only speaks eloquently, but can quickly cut to the core of what other speakers need to do to improve.


"How to STRENGTHEN Everything You Write"
Barbara McNichol


Barbara McNicholBarbara McNichol

What’s a great way to waste valuable time and lose opportunities?

Allow poorly written emails, blog posts, proposals, and more to get through. When that happens, you risk confusing your readers and embarrassing yourself. Stakes are high!

Don’t pay the high price for unclear messages. Instead, get your writing right by learning techniques to compose EVERYTHING you write with clarity and precision, power and intention.

This workshop features fun exercises that engage you in how to:

• Craft clear, concise messages that get results
• Punctuate and proofread with fresh eyes
• Eliminate errors that can mar your reputation
• Match the words precisely to the meaning
• Capture writing techniques you'll use forever

Barbara McNichol helps you express your expertise through the written word by providing expert editing of articles and nonfiction books. Over the past 20 years, she has placed more than 300 books on her editor’s “trophy shelf.”

She shares her skills through her monthly ezine Add Power to Your Pen and her word choice guide Word Trippers: Your Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word When It Really Matters.

A 19-year member of the National Speakers Association, Barbara presented How to STRENGTHEN Everything You Write at NSA’s 2013 Convention.

Join her in this skills-based workshop that will make a difference for a lifetime. 


Our MC's For The Day
Nancy Sanders & Kristin Slice, Three Dog Marketing


Nancy Sanders

Kristin Slice

Meet our returning MC's.  A power duo who light up the stage. 

Nancy has worked for Fortune 500 organizations and award-winning small businesses. She’s generated millions of dollars in revenue and profits by setting SMART goals, building strong, loyal relationships and implementing simple marketing strategies. Nancy is the founder of Galaxy Consulting Services, Three Dog Marketing and provides counseling services through the Small Business Development Center. Nancy believes that marketing and sales can be easy and her goal is to guide other businesses to the same results.

Nancy grew up in Southern California and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She also holds an MBA in Global Management, graduating valedictorian of her class. Nancy has been an entrepreneur all of her life, starting with lemonade stands at age six. In high school, Nancy’s French Club sold “hexes” for Halloween. Nancy built a very successful business with Mary Kay Cosmetics, earning the use of company car and becoming a Sales Director, while moving her business across country four times.

Kristin Slice is a Certified Social Media Strategist, helping business owners, sales professionals, event producers and non-profits to go from “doing social media” to building and executing a Social Network MarketingTM strategy. Social Network MarketingTM focuses on using social media to build relationships, increase online presence and leverage existing prospects and clients along with your expertise to create real results.

Kristin Slice and business partner Nancy Sanders launched Three Dog Marketing to help small to midsize businesses improve and integrate sales and marketing processes to produce greater results. Three Dog Marketing works with clients to ensure that marketing efforts turn into leads, leads turn into clients and clients turn into referrals…and higher profits. Instead of focusing on just one marketing tool, Three Dog Marketing looks at the strengths of each organization, their target market and goals to determine what marketing tools best fit the needs of the organization. Three Dog Marketing then creates a customized marketing strategy. Three Dog Marketing doesn’t stop there; unlike other marketing firms, they work with the client to provide step by step support, execution and full implementation of marketing and sales programs. Using the strengths of the organizations and leveraging the expertise of Three Dog Marketing to work as partners to create authentic, strategic results.

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